We create a new interface connecting humans and the world for today and tomorrow.

In the future, real and virtual world will coexist. FUTURUS LAB combines fundamental scientific research and applied technological innovation, creates Holographic Display and Light Field AR Display technology. A new interface connecting humans and the world becomes true.



FUTURUS products include WHUD, Light Field AR HUD and Full Windshield Display. We provide full stack solutions from initial concept to mass production.
Focus WHUD
HUD displays essential information in front of the driver. So the driver can focus on driving and avoid car accidents.
Trust Light Field AR HUD
FUTURUS utilizes Light Field Display technology to achieve the perfect combination of virtual and real world, which can make autonomous driving more reliable.
Experience Full-Windshield Display
The newly created HMI will greatly improve the user experience of the 'third place'. In the meantime, it satisfies individualized customer needs.


FUTURUS researches and innovations cover physical and geometric optics, micro nano materials and ultra precision fabrication, free-form surface development core algorithm and FUTURUS AR Engine. We are able to provide total solutions to our customers from concept verification to mass production.
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