Optics Designing

Utilizing Electromagnetic Wave Theory and Fourier Analysis to study wave characteristics of light such as propagation, interference, diffraction and polarization to guide the design of diffractive optical elements and metamaterials. Conjugate Gradient algorithm and Monte Carlo Sampling algorithm are used to design and optimize free-form surface equations.

Precision Processing

Unlike the traditional optical processing technology, FUTURUS uses single point diamond ultra precision technology to manufacture nano optical free surface and chip etching technology to produce optical materials.


Assistant Designing Software

FUTURUS through the in-depth development of OpticStudio for free-form surface and diffractive optical elements, embedded with the world's leading core algorithm, which can realize the design, optimization and analysis of the whole optical system. Ensure the absolute leading engineering efficiency and optical performance.

Car AR Solution


  • · Utilizing the Light Field AR Display technology to eliminate disparities and visual discrepancies, combined with multi-sensor fusion algorithm to solve the problem of vertigo.
  • · Utilizing FUTURUS self-developed correction, compensation, rendering and multi coordinate system fusion algorithm, the virtual information and the real world are perfectly integrated.
  • · Utilizing ASPICE L3 software development capabilities to ensure stable, reliable, high-quality delivery escort of software products.


FUTURUS self-developed next generation HMI will greatly reduce customer development cycle and cost and will realize the perfect integration of HUD and vehicle engine system.
Designing to Production

The unique standardized and modular design capabilities can quickly, conveniently and efficiently complete the individualized product design requirements of customers, and optimize the time period and cost.

Streamline the design as much as possible while fully meeting the needs of customers.


FUTURUS Lab has the world's top research team, equipments and world-class industry integration system. FUTURUS aims to develop the most advanced products and technologies. Utilizing the research and innovative application of fundamental physics, applied physics, micro nano manufacturing and ultra precision manufacturing, FUTURUS changes human life.